Aromatherapy Vent Clip
Aromatherapy Vent Clip

Aromatherapy Vent Clip

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Here is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of essential oil. Put a few drops of your favorite oil onto the felt pad inside this locket. Clip in the vent of your vehicle or many fans.

Choose which 5ml dropper with essential oil you would like to receive as our gift to you.

...See essential oil descriptions below

 Always remember to breathe!!!

*Only use the highest quality, ethically sourced, and pure oils. Never use grocery store oils or other possibly adulterated oils without transparency of the farms and company. 


The following descriptions are my personal education and experiences with essential oil and include the collaboration of others.

Essential oils make life better.


...Essential oils have numerous abilities for you to research and explore. Subscribe to our newsletter for more on oil education. 




Lavender is a masculine note known to create a sense of relaxation and clearing. Lavender helps to relieve stress and anxiety and maintain a state of calm.

 The antiseptic properties in lavender essential oil have many therapeutic benefits. Lavender soothes burns form activates such as cooking and overlooked sunscreen. Synergize lavender’s effects by combing with other oils like frankincense to aid in healing of skin.


Stress Away

Stress away is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender. Take a break from the chaos and breathe in is unique, citrusy aroma that is relaxing, uplifting, and comforting.

When rolled on stress away blend releases built up tension in the body. Message the roller into tight muscles for release of stiff neck and shoulders. For headache relief carefully apply to temples.


Frankincense is an earthy and uplifting aroma that has been sought after since ancient times. Frankincense plays a special role in many religious ceremonies, spiritual connection, and meditation.

When applied to almost any anywhere on the body frankincense cultivates physical healing. Rolled on places such as souls of feet supports a healthy immune system. Heard to be ideal for joint issues. Use alone or combined with lavender to minimize scars and stretch marks.


Peppermints fresh smell is invigorating and known to stimulate. Peppermint enhances alertness, raises energy, and boost brain function. Also soothes and prevents headaches.

Topically peppermint feels refreshing. Use care on sensitive areas and when applying to head. Message peppermint into temples and neck for prevention and relief of migraines and headaches.




When essential oils are paired with intentions the outcomes are limitless.